Sporting Opportunities


Children at Brandling have many choices of sports clubs to join after school. These have included football, dance, athletics, dodgeball and energy club. We also promote healthy eating through the cookery club.


Here are some of the additional sports opportunities that children have experienced so far this year.

  • Orienteering (Year 3)
  • Swimming lessons (Year 3 & 4)
  • Gymnastics (Year 5)
  • Hoops for Health (Year 5)
  • Robin Wood Outdoor and Adventurous Residential (Year 4/5)
  • Newcastle Eagles Basketball Coaching (Year 5/6)
  • Destination Judo (whole school)
  • Kensho Karate lessons (Year 1/2)
  • Rock Climbing session (Year 3/4)
  • Tennis Coaching (Year 3/4)
  • Little Kickers Football Coaching (Nursery/Reception)

Year 5 had great fun learning how to be sports leaders - well done everyone! May 2018

Gymnastics (Year 5) May 2017

Year 5 have been having amazing gymnastics lessons during their PE lessons

Destination Judo  March 2017

Each class in school took part in a Judo taster session. It was a lot of fun!

Just Ace It

We were lucky to have two Olympic Volleyball players come to Brandling to teach us how to play volleyball and about the dedication needed to make an Olympic team. 



As part of our Olympic Fortnight, Sharon from Hoopstarz came to school to teach us how to hula hoop. We learnt different tricks that we could do with them. At the end of the day we showed off our skills in assembly.


Go Run For Fun at Saltwell Park

Children from years 1 to 6 took part in the Go Run for Fun race at Saltwell Park. They raced alongside  3,000 other children from schools  across Gateshead. Every single child tried their best and we are extremely proud of their attitude and behaviour. Well done!



Destination Judo

All classes in Keys Stages 1 and 2 took part in a taster session of Judo. Destination Judo run clubs for children all over Gateshead. If your child enjoyed the session at school, why not enroll them in a local class?