Pupil Premium


The PPG is allocated to support children who are currently known to be eligible for free school meals (FSM), or have been over the last 6 years. The purpose of the grant is to raise attainment and remove barriers to learning. The grant is calculated using data from the census taken in January.

Brandling Primary School Objectives

  • To raise the emotional well-being of targeted individuals with pupil premium
  • To address identified gaps in attainment of pupils who receive pupil premium
  • To raise the proportion of PP children who are exceeding ARE
  • To ensure children are on track to make expected (or better) progress by the end of Key Stage 2.

How will Ofsted evaluate our use of pupil premium?

  1.      Inspectors are required to consider the impact of the pupil premium
  2.     Inspectors will look at the achievement of pupils eligible for the pupil premium
  3.     Pupils eligible for the pupil premium should be making sustained progress
  4.     School leaders should ensure that the pupil premium is being used effectively


Pupil Premium Expenditure Report 2018-2019

Pupil Premium expenditure Report 2017- 2018


Number of pupils and pupil premium Grant (PPG) received for 2018-2019

Total number of pupils on roll


Total number of pupils eligible for PPG


Amount of PPG received per pupil


Total amount of PPG received


We continue to target the identified  objectives above and improve the learning of our pupils:

  • To continue to ensure children achieve detailed  knowledge and skills in maths, maintaining standards of attainment and achievement and producing high quality work.

    • To continue to ensure the identification and targeted support of disadvantaged pupils maximises attainment

    and achievement and closes the gap between other groups of pupils.

    • To continue to ensure children achieve detailed knowledge and skills in reading and writing, maintaining

    standards of attainment and achievement and producing high quality work.

    • To continue to ensure that all children with SEND & LAC achieve exceptionally well and have the knowledge and culture capital to succeed in life.

    • To ensure all staff understand the key aspects of learning and introduce specific strategies to ensure learning that sticks into long term memory.

    • To further refine the schools use of formative assessment to check knowledge and understanding and inform teaching.

    • To further develop staff subject knowledge of the foundation subjects to ensure high quality teaching and learning and outcomes.

    Regularly review interventions to ensure impact of targeted support on all pupils including disadvantaged.

    • To embed the use of the PAT tracking to analyse pupil premium and updated pupil analysis grids

    • To monitor the use of Pupil premium money for children targeted to achieve above ARE to ensure value for money from staffing.

  • Use of Kalmer counselling services to provide one to one sessions and group work to targeted individuals.  
  • Termly attendance treat to reward 100% attendance.   

Please see our Pupil Premium Strategy Statement for more detailed information.

Further details on the impact of this provison will be added at the end of the academic year.