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Mrs Reid- Class Teacher

Mrs Pickering - Inclusion Manager and Teacher

Miss Wotherspoon - Teacher

Mrs Boyle - Teaching Assistant

Miss George - Teaching Assistant

Miss Skinner - Teaching Assistant

Welcome to EYFS!

Reception & Nursery Lockdown Learning! 

Newsletter 12.02.21


Reception have had another amazing two weeks, they have taken home learning in their stride and have been little stars! They have been very creative at home and have been sending in fantastic work. In Literacy, the children have been learning all about the city of London! The children have been learning all about different landmarks in London and they even read the story Charlie & Lola’s adventure to London. The children also had lots of fun creating their own crowns for the Queen! The children have also been learning about Chinese New Year which starts this Friday. The children researched which animal was the year they were born and have read the story of Chinese New Year. They even made their own Chinese lanterns which they can use to decorate their homes!

In Maths, we have been learning about Subtraction, ordering size and using prepositional language. Reception have worked really hard using lots of objects at home to help them practice their mathematical skills and I have been super impressed with their hard work! The children have also been amazing with completing their home learning & PE challenges. The children created their own robots then they took them on an adventure. We have been practicing jumping and some of us have even been doing a workout with  Spiderman!


Nursery have had a very busy two weeks! The children have all been working really hard learning all about Chinese New Year. The children had lots of fun making their own Dragons and lanterns. The children have been reading the story of Chinese New Year and have been learning all about the 12 different animals. We have also had lots of fun playing in the snow, we made snow angels, snowmen and we even made rainbow snow!

Nursery Lockdown Learning week 3&4!

Nursery have had another fantastic two weeks! 

Nursery have been working so hard in Maths and have been learning all about shapes. They went on a shape hunt around our school and had lots of fun searching outside for shapes with Mrs Boyle. They then used the shapes they found to make some colourful suncatchers to brighten up our classroom as well as at home!

We have also had a change in our Nursery classroom, we have changed our home corner into a tea room. The children thought it would be good to have cheese, ham and egg sandwiches to sell.  We made biscuits, scones and cakes from clay to have with our cups of tea. The children have also been making currant buns and have been practicing counting out all of the currants!

Reception Lockdown Learning week 3&4!

We have had another fantastic two weeks in Reception, the children have been working so hard and I have been super impressed with their work! 

In Literacy, our topic has been learning all about Parks. We have been reading all about Percy the Park Keeper and have been learning all about his park! We have been reading the story ‘After the storm’ where we learnt about the poor animals who lost their homes in the big storm! So Reception decided to help out and make their own homes for the animals!

The children have been to visit their local park and they have even designed their own park. They have written lots of amazing sentences to describe what they have seen in the park and how poor Percy would of felt during the storm!

In Maths, Reception have been learning how to double and halve numbers! We have been using lots of objects at home to help us practice our doubling and halving. Reception have been amazing with practicing their doubling and halving and are now little experts! We have also had some brothers and sisters joining in and helping out too!

Reception have also been little superstars in Phonics, they have learnt the new sound ‘ow’ and ‘oo’! They have been practicing their green words with a little help from Fred and have even been writing sentences independently! Reception have also enjoyed being active and taking part in PE challenges, they have been doing lots of dancing and yoga!

Nursery Lockdown  Learning!

Nursery have worked so hard for the first two weeks!

For the past two weeks, the children have been learning all about winter. We have read lots of exciting winter stories all about winter and snow. They have created their own winter pictures using various materials. The children have also made bird feeders which we will be putting in our school garden because there are no berries left on our trees and the ground is frozen!

Reception Lockdown Learning! 

A HUGE well done to Reception for all of your hard work for these first two weeks of home learning, you have all been amazing!

In Literacy, we have been learning all about the story of The Gingerbread man. We have looked at all of the characters in the story, designed our own Gingerbread Man and even wrote sentences to describe our Gingerbread men. Kaiden also made his own Gingerbread men at home!

In Maths, we have been counting all the way to twenty and we have been learning how to count in twos! We have also been using lots of objects at home to help us practice counting in twos. This has been really tricky but Reception have worked so hard and parents have been amazing supporting them!

Reception have also worked super hard this week in Phonics, they have learnt the new sound ‘igh’ and have been amazing at practicing their green words and writing them in a sentence!


Here are our topics for Spring 1! 

 Please read our knowledge organiser below to find out more!

Happy New Year to you and your family!

We were so looking forward to seeing you and hearing all about the fun things you did in the Christmas holidays but unfortunately we all need to stay at home at the moment to keep each other safe.

To support the learning of the children in Reception we will be delivering live teaching sessions using Zoom each morning for Phonics, English and Maths.  The details can all be found on ClassDojo alongside the user names and passwords the children will need to access activities and resources.  After each live session the children will have time to complete a set activity either independently or with support from a family member.  Any work submitted will be given feedback. 

Mrs Boyle will be sharing stories, rhymes and activities with Nursery children so keep an eye out for these which will be posted on ClassDojo.

Hopefully it won't be too long before we can return to school full time.  In the meantime if you want to share any achievements please post them on ClassDojo.

If you have any queries please do not hesitate to contact us via ClassDojo or you can email either:

Take care and keep safe!

From the Early Years Team



Our new topic until Christmas is "Winter". Please read our knowledge organiser below to find out more!

Reception have been learning some Autumn songs! Great singing Reception. 

Forest School FUN! 

Children in need 2020.

Its Halloween, EYFS look super scary!!! 

We have been learning all about our 5 senses. Today we ate some cake and described out it tasted, felt and smelt. Enter text...

Reception have had such a great first day! We enjoyed painting, drawing, play-dough, sand, water and playing on our new soft play 

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Welcome Back!

Our new term has begun and we are so happy to see all the happy, smiling children!

For the first two weeks of term, the whole school is taking part in a "Britain Through The Ages" fortnight and our class is focusing on the 2000s.

Then, for the rest of the term, our topic will be "All About Me". To find out more, please take a look at our Knowledge Organiser below.