Pine - Year 1

Class Teacher: Miss Megson

Intervention Teacher: Mr Tatham

Teaching Assistant: Miss Walton

Teaching Assistant: Mrs Myers

General notices

Home work will be given out each Friday alternating between Maths and Literacy. 

Spellings will also be sent home on a Friday and the children will be tested on the following Wednesday.

PE is on a Wednesday afternoon and we provide shorts and t-shirt. Trainers and outdoor clothing may be required if PE is outdoors. 


                JourneysImage result for clipart train

In the Summer term our topic is 'Journeys'. In this topic we will be looking at different forms of transport and how they have changed over the years. We will also be looking at maps and developing our knowledge of compass points. 



Image result for clipart art paletteVan Gogh Related image

This week we have been learning about the famous artist Vincent Van Gogh and became artists ourselves. We looked at his painting 'Starry Night' and attempted to recreated it using paint and different tools. We cannot wait to show you our finished pieces of art! 

Related imageInventors Related image

This week we have enjoyed learning about Joseph Swan. Did you know that he invented the incandescent light bulb? We enjoyed teaching each other facts 

and became 'mini teachers'. 

Image result for joseph swan


Image result for clipart booksFiction and Non-fiction Image result for clipart books

In literacy we have been learning about the differences between fiction and non-fiction books. We really enjoyed going to the school library and exploring the different types of books we can read. We then took them back to the classroom and sorted them into fiction and non-fiction. 

Inventors and Explorers Image result for clipart map


Our topic in the Spring Term is 'Famous for more than 5 minutes' and we will be focusing on famous inventors and explorers. So far, we have looked at the famous inventor George Stephenson. The children had great fun researching facts and writing about the first ever train. Did you know the first train was called the Rocket?  

Related imageHey Ewe!Related image

This year our Key Stage One Christmas performance was 'Hey Eye'. 

Of all the sheep in the flock, the smallest, youngest ewe is the most inquisitive. She is always busy getting under the shepherds' feet, asking questions and, to the irritation of the rest of the flock, demanding to know exactly what is going on. One night, however, while all the other sheep are trying to sleep, some extraordinary events unfold that excite her curiosity more than ever before!

Related imageOceans and Seas Related image

This term our topic is 'Oceans and Seas'. During the topic we will be finding out the names of the oceans and seas around the UK. We will also be looking at the 5 oceans in the world and which creatures live in them. 


Click here to enjoy a game involving naming the oceans and continents in the world. 



In art, we created collages of an Ocean using pieces of material. We used weaving to create the waves. We then attached other materials to make the creatures that live in the ocean! 

Image result for great fire of london clipart

The Great Fire of London

In Autumn 1 our topic was 'The Great Fire of London'. During the topic learnt about what happened in the event and we created pieces of artwork linked to it. We also looked at Tudor houses and how they are different from homes today. 


We use laptops to research images created from the event: 

We then used squares of tissue paper to create a collage for the flames. We looked particularly at the colour of the flames and how they went from yellow at the bottom into orange and red at the top. Finally we used strips of black paper to make the wood on the Tudor houses. 


 Image result for hedgehog shelter



Over the first two weeks of term our topic was 'Shelters'. We looked at different materials that were suitable for shelters and tested them. In literacy, we based our writing on the story of 'The Three Little Pigs' and carried out role play activities linked to the text. If you would like to share the story with your child please click hereTaken from 


During the fortnight, we went on a trip to the Centre for Life. We tested differed materials that would be suitable for making a tent. We had lots of fun and even made our own felt to bring home with us! 


Image result for clipart hedgehog

Also during our shelters topic, we went on a scavenger hunt around the school to collect natural materials to build a home for a hedgehog! We had to follow a map of the school to find and complete the clues.

Image result for clipart sunWelcome back!Image result for clipart sun

We hope you have all had a wonderful Summer! The children have settled in really well in Year 1 and looked extremely smart on their first day. 








Information for 2016-2017 Class

Carnival of Animals

Image result for carnival of animals

This term our topic is Carnival of Animals based on the music composed by Camille Saint-Saens. We are very lucky to have Mrs Kendrick come in every Tuesday and teach us music. Already, we have learnt about rhythm and the pulse to pieces of music! 

This week we have been looking at the section of the composition called the 'Aviary'. Follow the link below to listen to it!

The piece of music inspired us to make environmentally friendly bird feeders! We used bagels, peanut butter and seeds to create the bird feeders. 


Image result for french flag

Also in the Spring term we looked at the topic France. We researched different tourist attractions such as the Eiffel tower and Disneyland Paris. To end our topic we visited Newcastle airport and learnt about how we would get to the country!  

Famous for more than 5 minutes! 

Related image

In the Spring term we learnt about famous monarchs and medics. We started by learning about Queen Elizabeth I and Queen Elizabeth II.

Did you know that our Queen has two birthdays? 


We enjoyed recreating some of Queen Elizabeth II's jewellery using different materials such as pasta, paint, beads, glitter and glue. 

Which necklace would you wear if you were the Queen?


Image result for room on the broom

Our class author in year 1 is Julia Donaldson. This term we have been reading her popular story 'Room on the Broom'. We even dressed up as witches and wrote a description of the witch in the story! 

Click here for some Room on the Broom activities! 



In the Autumn term we were learning all about changes within living memory. We read the story 'Peepo' and compared the similarities and differences to now. We also looked at old and new toys. Mrs Carr brought in some of her old toys to show us! 

What's your favourite toy?


Image result for newcastle

Welcome back after the summer holidays! For the first two weeks of the term, pine class will be learning all about the history of Newcastle. 


During the fortnight, the children learnt all about the story of Newcastle Keep. They also labelled the different parts of a castle.