Curriculum Information


The breadth of our curriculum is designed with three goals in mind:


  1.  To give pupils appropriate experiences to develop as confident, responsible citizens
  2.  To provide a rich “cultural capital”
  3. To provide a coherent, structured, academic curriculum that leads to sustained mastery for all and a greater depth of understanding for those who are capable


  1. Appropriate experiences


We have developed three curriculum drivers that shape our curriculum, bring about the aims and values of our school, and respond to the particular needs of our community:


Community-which helps pupils to be an active, responsible member of our school, the locality, our country and the world.

Possibilities-which help pupils to build aspirations and know available possibilities for their future lives.

Diversity-which helps pupils to be effective citizens in a multi-cultural society. We want our curriculum to teach respect, value and celebrate the diverse world we live in today be culturally awareness.


    2.  Cultural Capital

Cultural Capital is the background knowledge of the world pupils need to infer meaning from what they read. It includes vocabulary which, in turn, helps pupils to express themselves in a sophisticated, mature way and be successful in life.


3.  A coherently planned academic curriculum underpinned by the three drivers, our academic curriculum sets out


     a.  A clear list of the breadth of topics that will be covered in our long term planning

     b.  The “concepts” pupils should understand the vocabulary to be introduced

     c.  Criteria for progression within the concepts in our Curriculum skills progression plans

      d. Criteria for depth of understanding


a.   The curriculum breadth long term planning cycles for each year group ensures each teacher has clarity as to what to cover. As well as providing the key knowledge within each subject it also provides for pupils growing cultural capital.

b.  Concepts are the key disciplinary aspects of each subject. They are chosen to build conceptual understanding within the subjects are repeated many times in each topic.

c  Our Curriculum Skill Progression plans define the standards for the Concepts.

d   Depth: we expect pupils to progress over the course of the year to develop a Basis (B) understanding of the concepts and an Advancing (A) or Deep (D) understanding of the skills and concepts.   Learning at the early stage will involve a high degree of repetition so that knowledge enters pupil long term memory.



Click here to download information about our curriculum by subject.




Click here to see our 2-year curriculum cycle.


Religious Education


R.E. is taught in every class according to school policy and the Gateshead LA agreed policy. A scheme of work has been developed.

Children learn about all aspects of Christianity in RE lessons, however we are a multi-faith school and the children learn about many other world religions too.