Reciprocal Reader (year 5 & Year 6)


Reciprocal reading is a structured approach to comprehension. It allows children to read in depth and discuss what has been read promoting independence and teamwork. 

The children are split into groups of preferably five and are given the following roles. They then complete the tasks required of that role.

The Leader

The Leader is in charge! They need to allocate roles and make sure that everyone is doing their job. 

The Predictor

The Predictor is responsible for making sensible predictions after each section of the text. They can set questions which the rest of the group can respond to, like what will the character do next? The predictor is responsible for gathering predictions from the group and discussing if the outcomes are possible.

The Clarifier

The Clarifier is responsible for identifying unknown words and explaining their meaning. 

The Summariser

The Summariser is responsible for pulling out the key points of the text succinctly.

The Questioner

The Questioner asks questions which can then be discussed by the group.