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Our Vision

At Brandling Primary School, we understand that the teaching of modern foreign languages provides educational, social and cultural opportunities for our pupils. Learning languages helps to develop and highlight the importance of being able to communicate using key listening and speaking skills. At Brandling Primary School, we have pupils that speak a number of languages therefore the understanding and teaching of languages, different to our own, is vital at Brandling. Teaching languages in school provides excitement, enjoyment and challenge for both children and teachers. This challenge creates enthusiastic and resilient learners. Modern foreign languages also gives the children of Brandling the opportunity to learn about different cultures and comparing these to their own. Learning a language, particularly French, will help to tackle and build cultural capital at Brandling Primary School.

The aims of our French curriculum are:

  • To enable children to understand and communicate in another language.
  • To develop an enthusiasm for language learning.
  • To develop language skills and language learning skills.
  • To give the children confidence in interacting with others.
  • To increase the children’s global awareness.
  • To awaken and develop an interest in foreign cultures and life-styles.
  • To develop the children’s understanding of themselves and their culture.
  • To encourage tolerance and a willingness to work co-operatively.
  • To enable children, who have the opportunity, to travel abroad with enjoyment, confidence and interest. 
  • To give a sound start for further development of languages at Key Stage 3 and beyond.
  • To continually review and modify the curriculum in light of current research and the needs of the school.

 Schemes of work

Year 3

Year 4

Year 5

Year 6


Skills Progression